How to Love Valentines Day (Even If You Hate It) V2


It's February. There's a lot of pink, red and white heart themed everything every where you turn.

Valentine's Day is around the corner and the thought of it can bring joy or dread to hearts everywhere. If you're in a loving relationship, you might feel more loved than usual. If you've come out of, or are in, a non-loving relationship, it painfully clear how non-loving it was or is.

But what is love? 

I learned what love is and what it isn't inside my marriage. And once I got out of it, I really started to see what love is. “Oh, this is what love is made up of.” 

Love isn’t about you. It’s about someone else. It's other facing and there’s usually a sacrifice on the givers' behalf. If I bring chicken noodle soup to a friend who’s sick, I'm spending my time, money, and effort to bring a friend, who’s in need, some soup that’ll make her feel better. 

Love is other facing, it requires a sacrifice on the givers behalf and it’s always life giving. 

Maybe you’re working on getting back to a healthier version of you. That’s life giving. To you primarily, but the ripple effects towards others eventually will be life giving. You'll be able to take the healthier version of you and use your strengths and talents out into the world and love other people. 

There might be people in your life who drive you crazy. How can you love them in a way that they feel seen heard and understood? It’ll require effort on your behalf, but it’s worth it. 

I don't like Valentine's Day. But I also love it. I love it because it’s the time of year when I make a list of who I want to show love to, who I think would appreciate being seen on VDay and I send Valentine's Day cards out. 

Who in your life would love to receive a Valentine's Day card? Who’d love opening up their email and getting a $5 Starbucks coffee card? Who in your life would love an invitation to see a movie on Valentine's Day? Or a dinner invitation? There’s someone in your life who’d love to be seen on this day. 

If you’re like, “I love Valentine's Day, my spouse will be showering me with love”, that’s wonderful and you’re really fortunate. But I encourage you to take time to see other people in your sphere of influence and show them love on this day. 

If you’re someone who’s feeling lonely during this time, there might be other people in your world who are also feeling lonely. How can you, even in your loneliness, show love to someone you know who’d love to be seen and heard?

Love is life giving. It’s not about you, it's about them. It’s other facing and it requires a sacrifice. 

So how can you show love to someone this holiday "season"? It's easier than you think.

As for you? You’re loved today and all the days not just on Valentine's Day. 


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